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A stroll along the banks of the Seine inevitably leads to coming across their familiar green cabins...


Bookplate "Help For Booksellers"  is one of our six Timeless models.


Even more than an institution of the Parisian landscape, a profession of book lovers and transmission 450 years old that 226 booksellers today bring to life on both shores.

The existence of booksellers is however  threatened. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, their activity has been  almost completely suspended, forcing many to close their book sheds for good. If we do nothing, the images of the quays of the Seine strewn with books will soon be more than a topos of a dreamed Old Paris.

For the love of the smell of old books.

For the love of letters and those sacred objects which make them accessible.


Ex-Libris Paris is committed to booksellers and their future by donating 20% of each order.



The timeless models are limited to 15 editions each.


Delays: 1  week


Dimension of the Ex-Libris: 40mm by 60mm

Ex-Libris of Aid to Booksellers

ink color: Black
  • L'ex-libris est fabriqué et envoyé sous 7 jours. Une option urgence est disponible pour les cadeaux dernière-minute (supplément 15 euros | Gravure et envoi sous 4 jours)!

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