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  • What is an Ex-Libris?
    An ex-libris is a personalized engraving or stamp that is inserted on the first page of a book to mark your ownership. It is a personal illustration that draws upon symbols, puns and visual metaphors to embody the owner. It is a versatile object that draws its roots from a long tradition of bibliophiles dating back to the 15th century, which Ex-Libris Paris brings back to life by offering a tailor-made ex-libris service.
  • How do you make an Ex-Libris?
    An Ex-Libris is designed following a philosophical questionnaire. An excellent knowledge of art history and its symbols allows our artist-illustrator to create your tailor-made signature ex-libris. Then, we engrave this illustration on an artisanal stamp with a wooden or ceramic handle according to your taste, hand made in Paris. Your Ex-Libris will be carefully wrapped and sent to you by the postal service of your choice.
  • What about the delivery?
    After completion, your Ex-Libris will be sent to you by postal service (free delivery in France and European Union). International shipping costs: 15 euros.
  • Who is behind Ex-Libris Paris?
    Ex-Libris Paris was founded by Lauren Easum and Igor Telinge, both art history students and lovers of beautiful objects. They created Ex-Libris Paris in 2021 to revive the bibliophile heritage of their ancestors.
tampon exlibris venise argentique.jpeg
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