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Ex-Libris Paris is a

love story for craftsmanship.

Every object has its roots.

Ex-Libris Paris was born from a fascination for the transmission of knowledge, material and immaterial. We traveled to meet the best artisans, capable of transforming exceptional raw materials, making an Ex-Libris that is close to a work of art.

Traceability of our Products 

Natural Rubber

The rubber that we use comes from a family production in the south of Vietnam, supported by the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i).  Close to Dong Xoài, these rubber forests are known for their high quality natural rubber.

Exlibris paris - caoutchouc 13.jpeg


Our stamp handles are made of oak and hazel wood. All our wood is carefully selected from the forests of the family estate of Igor Telinge, co-founder of Ex-Libris Paris. The wood is then worked by Baptiste Chouet, pianobuilder whose workshops are located in the Perche.

Igor Telinge ExLibris Paris
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